Welcome to Sensus ApS

Sensus ApS is a research-based consultancy organization with more than 25 years of experience in digital accessibility and inclusion technology. We provide evaluations of digital solutions, teaches developers and designers about accessibility, and provide project lifecycle support. Based in Denmark, Sensus ApS is the inventor and developer of SensusAccess, SensusLibrary and the award-winning RoboBraille® service.

Company Profile

Sensus works within 3 main business areas:

Accessibility and Inclusion

Since the mid-1990s, Sensus has conducted formal accessibility audits and advised on accessibility and accessible design concerning web sites and other IT solutions. Sensus works with individual organisations to ensure accessible solutions and technologies.

Furthermore, Sensus conducts large-scale accessibility surveys and have completed multiple comprehensive national surveys into the accessibility of public web sites, e-commerce solutions, public transportation and more.

Sensus also produces material in alternative, accessible formats (audio, Braille, large print), including text, illustrations, labels and signs. Sensus’ accessibility services are based on internationally recognised standards and guidelines, such as the accessibility guidelines published by the W3C. The W3C accessibility guidelines also form the foundation for the official Danish accessibility requirements.

Sensus contributes to the standardisation efforts and offers both public and tailor-made training courses on accessibility and accessible design.

Development of Inclusion Technologies

Sensus’ development activities are focused on solutions that support an inclusive information society. As such, Sensus is the developer and operator of RoboBraille, SensusAccess and SensusLibrary.

The award-winning RoboBraille service is being used worldwide to produce material in alternative formats for the benefit of users with a visual or reading impairment. SensusAccess and SensusLibrary are used to support inclusion in mainstream education.

Sensus has developed similar solutions for the pharmaceutical sector (Braille embossing on pharmaceutical packaging material), the financial sector (account statements in Braille) and professional Braille producers such as the Danish, Norwegian and Dutch libraries for the blind.

Project Development, Project Management and Financing

Through its accessibility and technology development activities, Sensus has gained significant experience in project development, project management and project financing.

This competency – covering the creative inauguration, development and maturation of new ideas, knowledge of national and European support programmes, as well as experience in preparing applications to these support programmes, formation of international consortia, and management of international projects – is made available by Sensus to organisations with good ideas for new innovative products or services while at the same time lack the required competencies and/or resources to realize the ideas.

Collaborating with staff from organisations, Sensus can help define, describe and qualify the idea into a project proposal, identify relevant sources of financing, prepare applications, and provide project management and project administration throughout the lifetime of the project.